We are an informal group of amateur astronomy enthusiasts.

We meet regularly on the Second Saturday  every month except July and August. Our meetings usually consist of a presentation of what is of interest in the night sky and discussion of the current understanding of the make up of our universe.

Notice! No meetings are being scheduled at the current time due to the Covid-19 crisis.


We meet in Avonport located at Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia, Canada
N 45° 6′ 25″ – W 64° 13′ 52″

There is no formal executive or governing body or membership fee. If you wish more information on the Group and its current activities you may contact

Roy Bishop
Larry Bogan
Contact us at admin@mag.nature1st.net

We have an e-mailing list . If you would like to be on that list please send us a request to the above email.

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